Good Whole Food Origin Story

Good Whole FoodWe found ourselves scratching our heads back in 2012. I (Tom) had been rushed to the emergency room with a series of very painful stomach pains that no ultrasound or doctor could make sense of. After the third terrifying visit I began to realize this needed some serious attention. At roughly the same time my wife discovered that our son, who had a runny and stuffed up nose from birth, could get it all cleared up by removing gluten from his diet. This was days after a doctor suggested we give him allergy medicine for the rest of his life. So if doctors could have missed the connection between a runny nose and diet with my son, were they missing the connection between my stomach pain and diet? This question led to a 12-month journey of pouring through books, podcasts, research, trials and errors that ultimately changed our views. We managed to fix my stomach pains and continued our education of food, nutrition and diet. And the more we researched, the more questions it raised.

Nick has been an avid fan of hitting the gym for a morning workout for years. He loves strength, power and Olympic lifts, and is a cross-fitter too. Over the years he’s experimented with tons of supplements to tweak his body, his workouts, and his results. Together our interest in food and nutrition has led us to test out tons of foods, to do live-blood cell analysis, to pay for food intolerance tests, and investigate countless vitamins and supplements. We run another business together, have families, and generally, like most, lead fairly stressful, time-constrained lives.

The more we’ve learned the more we have questioned our past beliefs around what we eat and the impact it can have on our lives. Could our diet help us not only fix basic problems with our health, but could it makes us perform better? Think faster? Work even more efficiently? How would we accomplish this? How does someone really and truly eat well? Do we take vitamins, or do we eat real food to get the vitamins we need? Do supplements have a role in our health or not? Can we really eat fat and lose weight, or is that just the latest fad too? Could we not only eat food to survive … could we eat a diet that would make us THRIVE? Welcome to and our journey of discovery…

Tom Karadza


Nick Karadza