Kyle Williamson Good Whole FoodAs the Web Content Developer/Editor at Good Whole Food, I am responsible for researching and writing most of the articles here on the site. With a background in journalism, I came to Good Whole Food ready to dig deep, and investigate how food can make a real difference in our performance. I am thrilled to be able to spend my days reading, researching, and sharing my findings.


As a Type 1 Diabetic I have a serious drive to help my body perform as best it can. My diabetes wasn’t caused by a poor diet, and it can’t be regulated through food alone. However, like many, I have found that what I put into my body affects the way it performs. Eating right can have a much bigger impact on my day than most. It can be the difference between stable blood sugars, or going up and down like a roller coaster ride. This motivation has me looking for the best foods to add to my diet, and how food can alter/enhance my performance.


I hope you enjoy learning along with me as you read my findings about good whole food, and the latest nutrition-based research. If you have any nutrition-based topics you’d like me to investigate you can email me at